Who Needs an iPad Keyboard When You Can Have The Cool and Classy USB Typewriter?

The Oh so popular iPad is being redefined yet again. So let’s go back in time, before the advent of computers and internet to the Typewriter Age! Completely Clueless? I’m talking about the latest and hottest application called the USB Typewriter which has now made the iPad this century’s vintage writing gadget.

USB Typeawriter

This noisy contraption goes beyond its use of being just a typewriter and can be used as a keyboard by attaching it to the iPad with a USB cable. Don’t have an iPad? No worries, because this contraption has been designed in such a way that is can be used with any device as long as it has a USB cable. So plug it into your PC or MAC, with the USB cable and after using this awesome and classy typewriter your regular keyboard will be boring in comparison! The USB Typewriter is different from a keyboard as it provides tactile feedback, perfect for those who aren’t too comfortable with using the Touch-screen technology and those who absolutely love the feel of the good ole’ old fashioned Typewriter! The man behind the machine is the very creative Jack Zylkin and there are various models to choose from ranging between the price of $400 and $500.

So, if you’re an aspiring writer, looking to pen your first novel or you’re just not someone who is that gaga about touch technology, think of the USB Typewriter, and it may be just the perfect, quaint, antique contraption for you!

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via: Tuaw