Unleash your real persona with this Red Dragon Mask

If you have a penchant for wearing masks but want to steer clear of the usual masks that you get to buy from the market, how about some dragon masks made of leather?


Shaped to resemble the face of the mythical creature, these masks created by Bob Basset are not only fun to wear, but can even help you to give a free reign to your dormant persona, if any!


Each of these exquisite dragon masks are died in red color and are comfortable to wear – whether it’s a fancy dress party, a Halloween get together or just when you want to put this on to scare the hell out of some of your guests who are least expecting such a prank.


So, put this mask to get into the skin of these frightful and spectacular dragons, albeit temporarily.


Who knows, perhaps these masks may have some of the spells and charms of the dragons to help you perform some unexpected feats!


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