Dutch Customs Launches Smartphone Scan App for Globe Trotters

Modern mobile technology is bringing every kind of information and services to our finger tips through various interesting software app. Dutch customs has recently released a mobile Scan App which will enable travelers to check the various customs rules and regulations regarding items which can brought into country.  dutch customs scan iphone app image

Dutch Customs mobile app feature is called ‘Ok-scan’ and can be used effectively by fliers to quickly glance through the custom rules. Apparently the scan result display actually shows fake pictures of weapons, counterfeit goods and endangered species which are not allowed into the country and users can further check custom rules and penalties regarding these items using ‘Is this ok’ feature.

This Scan App is first of its kind useful app to be created by any government agency. One hopes more such instant mobile phone apps will make travelers and citizens more aware of the laws and rules. Best part is one can instantly self scan and check rules before buying goods in another country or heading towards the customs desk.

Sophisticated mobile app like these will really revolutionize our way of life and thinking and make it easy to travel to different countries. If you are not a traveller then check out equally geeky i-Got-Control Universal Remote for iPhone or DeHood App to Connect to the Neighborhood.

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