The Magnificent Xbox 360 Cake with Tacos

When Microsoft’s 7th generation of video game consoles, the Xbox 360 was launched in late 2005 it was sold out in all regions of the world except in Japan. Since then it has sold approximately 40 million units worldwide but you’ll be the only one in the world with this Xbox 360 because although it looks exactly like the console, it’s actually an Xbox 360 cake.The Magnificent Xbox 360 Cake with Tacos

The Xbox 360 cake features the popular gaming console along with its wireless controller and is designed to detail. The power button, the Xbox 360 inscription at the top, the sleek white finish, the arrow keys and alphabet keys on the wireless controller, this cake looks so real it should carry a tag saying cake, that would perhaps be the only way to keep people’s hand of this masterpiece.

With this magnificent Xbox 360 cake Debbie from Debbie Does Cakes has crossed the line of Godliness. It’s amazing what Debbie can do with flour, eggs and cream and this cake truly reflects her excellence.

This cake also contains tacos as it was a graduation cake for a guy who liked Taco Bell and delicious as they look with the cheese and beans, they have also been recreated in cake by Debbie’s genius.

This cake is brilliant for any gamers’ birthday, anniversary or any other occasion. So if you have a kid or spouse or nephew or niece who loves the Xbox, you know which cake they’d love!

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