Tribute To Michael Jackson: Top 13 Art and Designs of the King of Pop

It has been one year since Michael Jackson’s death, and it is not surprising that most of his fans are still grieving and thinking of him every single day. To pay our respect to the late King of Pop, we gathered here a Tribute post to remember him along with our readers…one year after.

The following are various items that prove Michael Jackson had a tremendous inspiration outside of the music world and also influenced the Geeky, Internet and Tech oriented individuals in so many different ways. This post is not to make fun of Michael but simply show that he is known for a lot more than just his music.

Michael Jackson Thriller Remakes

michael jackson thriller tribute 1 year image

Thriller is still one of the most influential songs and music videos that have ever been released, so here are a few amazing remakes that prove Michael is adored by Geeks.

64 Voice A Capella Version

michael jackson thriller remake a capella version tribute 1 year

This Michael Jackson Thriller remake is of a 64 voice a-capella made by one man only that along with an excruciating editing job…brings Thriller to light.

Final Fantasy Version

michael jackson thriller remake final fantasy version tribute 1 year

Here is the Michael Jackson Thriller Video (Zombie Dance part) remade with the cast of Final Fantasy.

8 Bit Version

michael jackson thriller remake 8 bit version tribute 1 year

With mixing of sharp waves and lot of visual effects, the 8-bit version of Thriller once again rocks the present generation.

Michael Jackson Figures

michael jackson thriller doll version tribute 1 year

Here are a few dolls and figures that present Michael in another light and give fans another way to cherish the late King of Pop in his most famous outfits. The first one is a custom Michael Jackson Munny Doll that was hand painted to look like the Thriller Michael we seen above.

michael jackson figures tribute 1 year

The following are from a set of 3 various Michael Jackson Figures consisting of the black jacket Michael and also the Thriller one (regular and zombified). All are very detailed and extremely well presented.

Michael Jackson Art

michael jackson text art image tribute 1 year

As if Michael Jackson’s art is hard to come by, here are a few that we really thought are special and exciting for the King of Pop. The first of is Michael Jackson Font Art which uses words from a beginning of his biography, and we hope that future images will continue his life story.

michael jackson moonwalker image wallpaper tribute 1 year

The following is a Photoshop Tutorial that would help fans create the Michael Jackson Moonwalker Wallpaper that has captured fans’ hearts.

Billy Jean

michael jackson billy jean shoes diy tribute 1 year

Besides Thriller, Billy Jean is a favorite among Michael’s fans and the rest of the world. It has been remembered for the beautiful song along with the awesome video from so many years ago. The following two mentions are of a tutorial to make some Michael Jackson Disco Shoes that light up. Following that is an actual Floor plan in a hi-tech expo that brought the Billy Jean floor to life as the floor lights up beneath the visitors’ steps.

michael jackson billy jean floor tribute 1 year

Michael Jackson Video Game Spoofs

super michael jackson bros game tribute 1 year

Here are two spoofs presenting Michael Jackson in two popular video games. The first one is Super Michael Jackson Bros. that show Moonwalking Michael in place of Mario. With the second, we get a Michael Jackson Punch Out which is pretty funny and is an oldie in itself.

michael jackson punch out game tribute 1 year

Miscellaneous Michael Jackson

michael jackson cake tribute 1 year

The final additions to the Michael Jackson Tribute show an 80’s cake making sure Michael is mentioned since he is a major part of the entire 80’s decade and also the 2009 Most Influential Men which names Michael as a major influencer among the music industry…even after he has passed on.

michael jackson tribute influence image

Michael Jackson…you are missed 🙂