Feel the Beat with Super Mario Bros Beatboxing

People never cease to amaze me in how they choose to use their musical talents. Well beyond your average musician, this guy can beatbox the entire Super Mario Brothers theme song and I have to say he does a damn fine job of it, too. The fact that he looks completely ridiculous aside, it’s definitely worth a listening to and only takes up a few short minutes of your day that you’d probably be wasting trying to find something to do at work anyway.

Ok maybe he doesn’t look so bad through most of it, except when he’s gotta tap his neck to make the initial sounds. As you might expect from anonymous internet comments, judges from the original post were mixed but largely positive. Most were complaining that he looks silly the whole time but, really, try pulling something like this with a straight face. I know I couldn’t! Besides, if nothing else it’s worthy of a good chuckle while browsing around Youtube. Personally, I am happy to give credit where credit is due, I couldn’t do anything like this no matter how hard I tried since I have the musical talent equivalent of a flea (not a circuis flea either, just a regular annoying bite your local pet flea).

The Super Mario Brothers theme song seems to be quite a popular choice among geeky musicians. When I went to see video games live they featured a guy who could play the song at blazing speed while blindfolded on the piano and he had hundreds of thousands of fans that were happy to load that video up on Youtube. We’ve also seen other iterations of the song here at Walyou like this violin guy playing the super mario brothers theme song, complete with a guy dressed like he’s off to participate in the orchestra. Either one would be a great choice for your next real life mario kart mini cars race.

Via: Geekologie