Facebook’s New Face Detection Technology Will Make Tagging a Lot Easier

Facebook has always been more than eager to keep itself updated. After coming alive six years ago, many updates and changes have been made to keep the looks fresh, experience easy and bring new and interesting features for its users. And in tune with its policy, Facebook is testing a face detection technology to bring a new feature that would help you a lot in tagging friends in a photo. You love tagging photos, don’t you? With face detection technology users will need to react to a prompt that tries to identifies a friend in the photo, and gives a suggestion. User can either accept the suggestion or deny it, to select the friend manually. The users will be required to select a photo of each friend which will be used for auto face detection by Facebook’s new feature. Once done, it will be used to make a match with every photo selected for tagging. Thereby, users will get suggestions, wherever the match is found, and will be able to tag a friend or whoever, with one just click. Yes, that convenient and fast. FB photo test Currently, users have to select a person from the photo by clicking thereon for tagging. Then, he needs to manually identify a friend to be tagged therein. While it’s not cumbersome but when the number of persons in a photo are more — like in case of a group photo — it becomes tedious to click and select manually for so many persons. And boring too. The new features will come as a boon to those who use the tagging feature heavily. Facebook is reported to be done with testing and now is in the launch stage of the above discussed feature. The new feature will be launched gradually, keeping an eye on the user satisfaction. If you don’t get the update right now, be patient since if it proves successful, it will be available for every facebook users. By the way, it is just one of the features that Facebook is planning for taking the experience with images to next level. We will surely bring you more on features as soon as they are out. Keep watching this space. Check this cool stuff too:- Lego facebook (really!) and a Stamp of facebook like button, cool. Via Mashable