Optimus Prime Xbox 360 Transformed into Flashiest Mod

Have you ever imagined a robot clubbed with the Xbox 360? Sounds totally crazy but this is exactly what this Xbox 360 mod is going to bring to you. This combo is definitely going to leave you on the edge of your seat, so hold on tight, while this robot goes ahead to create a sensational effect in the geeky world.Optimus prime Xbox 360 Transformed

This Optimus Prime Xbox 360 mod is here to make a trance, a mixture of complexity mixed with awesome design for all the die-hard Xbox fans. So what are you waiting for? I guess if you want to prove yourself as the ultimate geek, you can try creating one of this yourself too so get some hardcore actionable fun.

Optimus prime Xbox 360 Transformed 2

Apparently, the mod has been given a quite attractive look with its blue body that also flaunts its trademark that is a huge autobot logo on each side to make its presence felt.

Optimus prime Xbox 360 Transformed 3

Optimus prime Xbox 360 Transformed 4

Well, you could have a look at this trendy mod in Edanna’s profile, which definitely gives a new face to the metallic beings, something that Xbox geeks can get inspired to create one themselves.

Optimus prime Xbox 360 Transformed 5

But there is a great job done to this Xbox 360 mod, by adding on special effects, for instance, you could see the logos flashing up. Well, you definitely would not have ever seen such a deadly fusion of Xbox 360 with the robotic effects and guaranteed fun, just like the Halo Xbox 360 Mod or the Swarovski Crystals Studded Xbox 360.

via: xboxfreedom