Zombie Homer Simpson Tattoo: Homer’s Finally Been Inked!

Is it some warped 21st century version of the boogey man, which is intended to scare the living daylights out of every child you lays their innocent eyes on it? Well, fortunately No. It’s none other than everybody’s lovable character (Zombie) Homer Simpson with a slightly different avatar and judging from the layer of flesh it’s been inked on; it’s safe to assume it’s a tattoo.Zombie Homer Simpson Homer’s Finally Been Inked!

“The Simpsons” which is a satirical parody of a middle class lifestyle in America highlighted by the Simpsons – The family of five is considered synonymous with American culture. This is the goofiest, most hilarious animated series there is out there, never fails to entertain, is known for its excellent popular-culture references, along with its memorable characters. Well, you can have your very own, very life like version of Homer Simpson by Joannecasey on any part of your anatomy. This tattoo does not look exactly like the sweet, buffoonish character we’re used to watching, but it’s a very cool, very customized and the great part about it is that it does not look identical to the ‘real’ Homer Simpson which ensures that you’re in no way being a copycat. Its funky colours, with Homer’s brains popping out of his skull, along with his whole beaten-up-by-Nelson-look and spit coming out of every opening is a great tattoo to have. Though it might notbe as lively as our Simpson Sculpture.

So, if you want your first tattoo or you just want to add to your collection, get Zombie Homer Simpson and pay your tribute to a great television character or you might just want to check out the SpongeBob Stone Handcraft!