Amazing Set of Nine iPhone Apps Coasters in Italian Stone

When apple launched their iPhone they gave us a glimpse into the future. With its brilliant touch screen interface and virtual keyboard the iPhone has sold approximately 50 million units worldwide. A brilliant feature of the iPhone were its numerous apps including games, GPS navigation, social networking and many others which was the inspiration for this awesome set of iPhone apps coasters set in Italian Stone.Amazing Set of Nine iPhone Apps Coasters

These amazingly cool set of coasters by Meadow Tea, have been brilliantly made to symbolize the apps of perhaps one of the best cellular phones in the world. The set features nine coasters iPhone apps which are facebook, Clock, Safari, iPod, Maps, SMS, Mail, YouTube and twitter, the most used apps of the iPhone around the world. These coasters have an urban appeal and are made of Italian stone from San Marino.

Amazing Set of Nine iPhone Apps Coasters  2

Each coaster set is 4 × 4 inches hand made by Meadow Tea and it takes about an hour for him to make a set of coasters before sealing them and non-slip felt bumpers are attached to the backside of the coasters.

This coaster set looks great on any geek’s table and certainly makes a great gift for any geek on earth. The iPhone was one of the few gadgets which changed the life of us geeks, what could be a better way to show our appreciation?

Amazing Set of Nine iPhone Apps Coasters  3

This brilliant set of nine iPhone app coasters is available for $49 USD on Meadow Tea’s shop on Etsy.

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