Gastropod Concept: A Manual Grain Milling System for People in Third World Countries

When all the big-shot companies are crying globalization only for the rich folks, it’s nice to know people like Johan Loekito are doing their bit to uplift the people in the third world countries. Many backward third world countries have little or no new-aged appliances and gadgets for their assistance. When we have the luxury of enjoying home cooked perfect meals, thanks to the variety of kitchen gadgets, people in these countries struggle to cook their meal due to lack of cooking gas or fuel. With such difficult living conditions life does seem like a tough survival for these people.

Providing them with the smallest of luxuries can make a huge difference in their lives. And this is what Loekito has done, and without even costing a fortune. Gastropod is the very luxury we are talking about here. In a place where wood seems to be the fuel to cook in these modern times, expecting a mixer-grinder would be a foolishness. Kitchens where mortar-pestle still rule the roost, Gastropod strives to be different. Gastropod is a manual grain milling system which requires only human effort to mill the grains into a fine powder without consuming any electricity and that too by being easy on the pocket.

Utility is Gastropod’s most vital and probably the only preference. An absolute no-frill-attached appliance, it is a far cry from all the fancy (and probably useless) equipment that grace our kitchen shelves. Suited specially for people with simple needs, the use of Gastropod is even simpler. Consisting of gear, pedal, chambers etc. all you need to do is put the grains that you need to mill into top chamber and the close the cover plate to begin milling either by hand or even by your foot. The result of course is fine grain-powder which can then be used to make delicious food, even in the kitchens of people who never imagined it.

Simple gray and clean looking design might be a little boring for some people, but looks have never been a priority with Gastropod. Pedaling continuously may be very tiring for some, but for people who have been doing all this with their hands, this device is going to be a boon in disguise. Though its availability to people around the third-world countries needs to be seen, the pocket-friendliness has already won the hearts of many who dare to dream of good food without spending a bomb.

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