Don’t Mez’ With The Green Hornet

Mr. Big, behold, because The Green Hornet is gonna be here; and along with his loyal sidekick Kato, he is gonna kick your ass. Well, this is because Mezco, the popular online movie merchandise store is about to release 2” tall Mez-Itz figures of the comic action hero and that of his sidekick, Kato.Don't Mez' With The Green Hornet (1)

What’s more? The Green Hornet and Kato will come with their advanced power packed vehicle called ‘The Black Beauty’. Its gonna be the first vehicle ever to be transformed into a Mez-Itz. The car is going to be about 6” tall with a highly detailed cockpit and enough space to seat The Green Hornet and Kato. The shipment isn’t ready and will be available only after November, but, fanatics are allowed to preorder their Mez-Itz online.

Don't Mez' With The Green Hornet (2)

The whole set, consisting of The Green Hornet, Kato and The Black Beauty comes for a relatively reasonable price of $22, which I think any loyal fan can spare easily. Till then comic action fans and movie buffs should settle for the Batman and Joker Mez-Itz or the Batman Plush Doll which are themselves cool collectibles, what say?

Via: Collect 3D