Homemade Boba Fett Costume Is Great for a Star Wars Theme Party

The world’s most famous bounty hunter has to be Boba Fett, who is an important character in the Star Wars saga. Apart from trying to hunt down the Millenium Falcon to please Darth Vader, he also inspires many villainous geeks who would like to look as scary and intimidating as he does.

boba sculpture art 1

Rj Cabibbo has designed a cool Boba Fett costume that almost looks like an exoskeleton. It even comes with a backpack that looks scary with the jets. He seems to have used worn out material so that the effect is natural and authentic.

boba sculpture art 2

boba sculpture art 3

If you are a Boba Fett fan, you just can’t miss these cool pictures of the sculpture-exoskeleton-costume for they truly are awe-inspiring.

boba sculpture art 4

If you would like to take a look at other Boba Fett art, you could take a look at the Boba Fett Helmet and the Boba Fett Fleece Hat.

boba sculpture art 6

boba sculpture art 7

You could actually organize a Star Wars costume party! What could be better than asking all your friends to dress up as Star Wars characters, while you wear this amazing Boba Fett costume to outshine them all?

boba sculpture art 8