11 Weird and Unusual Camera Designs

    Weirdness is something that shouldn’t be defined or manifested into substantial abstractions, for it might result in undesirable consequences. This, my friends is not always true, especially in the contemporary world wherein ‘being different’ is what gets you the much needed attention, along with the much desired moolah. Being odd-one-out is no longer a matter of embarrassment, and when the outlier has something to deliver which is not only useful but also aesthetically attractive, then the scuttlebutts about the unconventional   aspects take a backseat.  Read on to find out what we exactly mean.

    – Heads up to Wayne Martin Belger for many of the amazing camera designs featured here.

    Clicking a weird picture using a normal camera is one thing, and talking a normal picture using a weird camera is a totally different ball game. This time we have brought to you some of the wildest and weirdest camera designs that are not only unconventional in their looks but also in the way they operate. Take a look at the below mentioned out-of-the-world camera designs that perfectly personifies weirdness. It wouldn’t surprise us if you find it difficult to identify them as cameras in the first place. ‘No publicity is bad publicity’, for sure!

    HIV Blood Sample Camera

    One disease that can send chills down the body of any person is HIV. Now imagine using a camera that has HIV infected blood sample flowing through it. If you think this is morbid, then have a look at this camera which combines unstable weirdness with fine artwork. HIV blood flows through the camera while you click the image. This HIV Blood Sample Camera is definitely something that cannot be avoided, although it might raise more of eyebrows than praises from acceptance.

    Weird Pinhole Camera

    Now we don’t know why the camera has been named ‘pinhole’, but what we know is that it is meant for taking pictures of absolutely weird things, including 8 months old pregnant women and altars placed on the sites of accidents. The Pinhole camera has a weird name, weird purpose, and a weird design.

    Deer Horns Camera

    Everyone has a wild side, but wild deer horns on your camera is something that you wouldn’t want to comprehend even in your wildest dream. However someone did conceive this idea and guess what, we have an ancient looking camera with horns mounted on it. Weird, outlandish, useless… you can use whatever adjective you want to.

    Perfect Steampunk Camera

    This is Steampunk design camera to the fullest. A homemade camera made from brass case, aluminum strips and household scrap. Attached to a tripod stand at the bottom, the camera has everything that a conventional camera has. However, its handiness is yet to be tested.

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    Vintage Design Camera

    It’s difficult to identify if this is a camera or a vintage show piece, but a closer look would reveal the pinhole and lens embedded in the camera’s body. With artistic handle and a rustic look, the Vintage Design Camera, we feel, would better be suited for adorning your living room than for clicking pictures.

    Human Scull Camera

    This is definitely the weirdest of them all. Made from the skull of a 13 year old girl, the camera is not only weird but outlandishly creepy. The Human Scull Camera has everything that a conventional camera has, but frankly, it is way too freaky and incongruous to imagine holding a skull of a 13 year old in your hand. I would rather have it kept in a hospital than actually use it.

    Vietnam Vintage Camera Gun

    It might seem that ‘gun’ is the favorite theme for making weird cameras, but this rifle camera is a perfect blend of vintage movie camera mounted on a military gun. It is said that this wooden rifle stock camera was used by reporters during the Vietnam War. Whatever people say, we feel this camera is a perfect example of guerrilla art combined with innovative instinct.

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    Dragonfly Camera

    This Dragonfly camera might be weird looking but is definitely creativity at its best. The salient feature of the camera is that it has been made as an altar for a 9 year old girl that passed away. Made from aluminum and acrylic, the camera has chains moving over pinions connected by a common shaft. A black leather cover on one side and a cross cut out on the other, perfectly depicts the purpose for which it is made.

    Pistol Camera

    This gun transformed into a camera is surely one of the weirdest concepts; however, in the looks department we would give it 10. Cool, trendy and absolutely innovative, the piston camera helps in taking pictures accurately by aiming at the object; similar to the usage of gun. The camera is already being used extensively by the Japanese Police.

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    Vintage Style Steampunk Camera

    Vintage camera with a Steampunk theme is what this camera is all about. Though it might not have sufficient punk in it, the camera is certainly creative with the use of rubber and leather belts, and a rustic shutter pivoted at the edges with the main body. The camera might look a bit shaky but a small tripod stand might do wonders.

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    Sleek Gun Camera

    Yet another camera gun with a sleek design and acute compactness. Also used for training cops, the camera clicks pictures with utmost accuracy. It seems that they are purposefully made compact, and actually come in a limited edition. They shoot half size onto 35mm film and have fixed focus 45mm lens. Smart and Sexy, definitely!

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