Pot o’ Gross Stuff Cake: Severed Fingers, Eyeballs, Worms and Band Aids

What can you create with let’s say, a few severed fingers, eyeballs, worms and used band aids? Well, if you’re Debbie from Debbie Does Cakes then you’d create a master cake called the Pot o’ Gross Stuff!

They’re Severed Fingers, Eyeballs, Worms

With this spectacular Pot o’ Gross Stuff, Debbie has just proven to the world that when stuff needs to be made from flour, eggs and cream there’s close to nothing that she can’t create.

This Pot o’ Gross stuff, as it’s called by its maker Debbie, features a large cooking pot which appears to be owned by cannibals and they seem to be celebrating as it’s got a whole bunch of cannibal treats in it. They’re worms, used band aids, severed fingers and lots of other stuff that’ll creep you out. What’s even cooler is that from the pot to the worms to the green goo everything is within the amazing cake design!

This cake with its hand-modeled eyeballs, worms, severed fingers and used band aids looks so creepy that it’ll scare the hell out of anyone but the fluorescent green goo in the pot looks astonishingly delicious that you’d certainly want a bite of this cannibal treat.

This cake makes one of the best Halloween cakes of all time and if you’re a big fan of creepy stuff than whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, this cake goes well with all occasions.

I’d definitely like a bite of this creepy masterpiece, how often do we get to eat fingers, eyeballs and used band aids anyway?

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