DIY Chess Table Integrates Real Gaming With Web

Online gaming has reached a new era of advancement and enjoyment and that has been commenced by Thomas Pototschnig, the mastermind behind the DIY Chess Table game concept.


This 3D chess table with real pieces of chess will be the best thing for one to take the fun of virtual gaming. No need to sit in front of a computer and no need to keep holding the mouse for making your moves. Play this game just like you are playing with one of your friends sitting face to face in a table. Make your move and wait for indications to move the pieces of your opponent!

The person playing in your opposite can be from any part of the world. So, that makes this game sound truly global with a player sitting in front of a virtual player and playing real chess with real pieces. The chess table board is not just an ordinary board and for working online and for making the game easier, a DIY projector made from a 128 x 64 LCD has been used in it. This surface is made of a 64×64 pixel area with a LED below and is covered by a lens. Each move you make will be detected and for keeping an eye on your moves a webcam is used under the board. As it is a multi-touch display, detecting the placement of the chess pieces is not a difficult task and the webcam catches the shadows of the pieces as exactly. Both the display and the webcam are linked to the PC through a USB cable.

Are you still puzzled as to how will the movements of the opponent made? That is just very simple as right after you change the cubicle of your chess piece, the surface identifies it and commands the system and immediately after that you can see arrows blinking in your opponents play area. So, you will have to place the chess piece of that player in the direction in which the arrows are projected in the DIY chess board table.

The interesting fact is that not only against an online friend, you can play on the DIY chess board table against a robot arm as well. Players, while paying on this chess board will definitely not have to get bored as the online players playing against are good enough to make you taste defeat. So, while playing on the DIY chess board, not even for the least time, the players will have to take it lightly. The battle and the efforts will have to be equally on charge as you never know and may loose the game in no time!!

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Via: GeekyGadgets