With “Invico” the Future of Cooking Appliances has Arrived

An arc-shaped LED display, elongated like a square pipe, sits on top of a white marble surface. A pair of hands enters the frame and slides out the LED display over the flat surface to reveal a black and grey panel pixilated with rectangular cells. Confused what am I talking about? Well this is a futuristic cooking appliance Invico.

The hands then proceed to place a rounded steel kettle on the pixilated panel. Fingers then type on the full-touch LED screen, setting the time. The panel powers on and after a while steam gently blows out of the kettle releasing an aroma of black tea leaves boiling with crushed ginger bits.

The hand enters and lifts the steel kettle while switching off the panel. The delicious brew from the kettle is poured into two teacups and is ready to be served. The session is concluded by sliding back the arc-shaped LED display to its original position.

This, my dear readers, is the future of cooking appliances: a flexible cooking panel that can work on any surface, and is independent of any energy source. Titled Invico, the appliance is a concept by industrial designer Njegos Lakic.

With the invention of fire, our ancestors progressed from eating raw meat and vegetables to cooked, hot meals. As we evolved so did our culinary tastes and practices. So much so that it would be impossible today to even imagine ingesting raw and uncooked food.

Kitchen appliances are now a multi-million dollar industry and culinary skills are treated as an art form. To cook food, we are largely dependent on traditional energy sources like fire, gas, and electricity. With increased consumption, these traditional sources are running out. To continue with our fine culinary culture we may need to switch to devices that are independent of gas and electricity.The Invico is one such device.

The black and grey panel of the Invico is made up of independent silicon blocks. When the device is turned on, these blocks become active and generate heat when a metal object is placed on the panel. The device uses stored solar energy to heat and cook food.

A modern day kitchen that runs on appliances powered by gas and electricity can be accident-prone. Since the Invicto uses solar energy, the accident rate drops drastically. Even when the device is turned on, it heats up only when it comes in contact with solid metal objects. This makes it a very safe device to use, especially with the kids being around.

The Invico is one device we definitely hope to see in our kitchens soon.

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via : itechfuture