12 Geeky Monopoly Board Game Themes

Monpoly has been one of the most popular Board Games ever since I can remember, and with the 75 years it has been active, it has spanned out with different looks, themes and ideas in order to cater to more potential gamers. With this collection, you could view some of the Geekiest themes that Monopoly has ever released, which sure to excite the Geeks interested in stepping away from the computer screen.

Nintendo Monopoly

monopoly board game nintendo characters edition

The video game addicts who are big fans of Nintendo would simply adore the Nintendo Monopoly which includes many of your favorite characters: Mario and Luigi, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Starfox and more.

Steampnk Monopoly

monopoly board game steampunk edition

As we already know how popular Steampunk art is, it was not surprising to see a certain geek create a Steampunk Monopoly Game that really makes the old board game a little more alive.

Star Trek Monopoly

monopoly board game star trek edition

Trekkies would simply go crazy for the Star Trek Monopoly Game for it includes the Star Trek design, the locations visited and the different ships as the playing parts.

Resident Evil Monopoly

monopoly board game resident evil edition

It is wonderful how Monopoly tries to cater major video gamers with an additional such theme…this time with Resident Evil. The Resident Evil Monopoly includes the theme of the video game, with the community cards showing the Umbrella Corp. and S.T.A.R.S and additional extras.

Family Guy Monopoly

monopoly board game family guy edition

The Family Guy Monopoly is definitely only for fans of the hilarious TV series. Since it includes places, characters and design of the show, those who don’t follow will not see it for the excitement it aims to deliver.

Disney monopoly

monopoly board game disney edition

All the many who have grown up with the numerous Disney movies would just adore the Disney Monopoly Board Game. As expected, it brings to life many of the movies from our childhood and lovable characters we couldn’t resist.

Monopoly Electronic Edition

monopoly board game electronic edition

The Monopoly Electronic Edition is simply the same board game we are familiar with but without the paper money. It makes the game a tad quicker, without the need to count money…and also an easier way to keep track of all expenses and additional transactions. Oh yes…each player has its own Monopoly ‘credit card’.

75th Anniversary Round Monopoly Board Game

monopoly board game 75 anniversary round table

For the 75th Anniversary, Hasbro has introduced the Round Monopoly Board Game which is a fit for the Knights of the Round Table. It also includes the electronic edition calculator/scanner, in order to still keep up with the technological world.

G.I.Joe Monopoly

monopoly board game gi joe edition

Fans of the animated series from the 80’s would go crazy for the G.I Joe Monopoly. It is made up of the various locations from the series, including graphics and characters we have followed closely when growing up.

Opoly Custom Monopoly

monopoly board game oply custom edition

If you feel like your own life, experiences and creativity could make for a great board game, then the Opoly Custom Monopoly Game is perfect for you. This is a kit to help you customize your own Monopoly game to cater to you desires.

Google Monopoly

monopoly board game google edition

While some believe Google holds a real Monopoly in some areas Online, here is a different way to look at it…with the Google Monopoly Board Game. This specific design includes the different services, ‘jargon’ and ideas Google is made up of (or has come across). For example: Youtube, Double Click, AOL and Yahoo.

Bonus: Google Monopoly City Streets

google monopoly city streets edition

This is not the actual Monopoly Board Game but is still a perfect addition to this collection. Google Monopoly City Streets is a collaboration of the Monopoly game with Google Maps, in order to create an Online and Worldwide game that includes all who want to participate. Just remember…this actual game will probably take the longest from all others.

google monopoly city streets edition 2