Darth Vader Blinds Show His Dark Side

If you analyze the trends of the kids’ fan following base, you would actually see that the villains in all the movies seem really popular, or more than the good guys. Well, certainly, Darth Vader, the master of the dark side of the force justifies this, and brings a cool little thing for the kids’ room with awesome mini-blinds with the master “Darth Vader” posing itself.Darth Vader Blinds Shows You Its Dark Side

Well, I am sure kids would love to enjoy some comfort in the morning, to block the strong rays in the early morning to shield their little eyes. Well, the geeks can definitely go in for something like the Windows Desktop Design for the bright colors, but I’m sure the little ones will be looking out for something really exciting for their decorated room, so what could be better than the scary theme of Darth Vader mini-blinds. They are totally impressive, for when you looking for some sunshine, open the dark side to reveal the brightness!

These mini-blinds are beautifully hand painted to give it a very promising look of the original Star Wars character from the movie, for when you intend to close it, it will definitely reveal its “Dark Side”. The blinds size measure 38 inches wide and 5 feet long, these mini blinds were sighted at RebelScum for just $75. Well, I am not sure if you can buy one of these, but if you are a Darth Vader fan, you could definitely check out the Darth Vader Table that you can add on to your kids’ collection.

via: CraziestGadgets