NES Wooden Sculpture Looks like the Real Deal

I’ve always wanted a classic Nintendo to just to have around, but this NES wooden sculpture isn’t exactly what I had in mind. I mean sure it looks like the real thing, but I bet those classic controllers will give you splinters, and if you thought you had to finagle the cartridges just to get them to play in your original NES, just think that you’ll have to do to get them to work properly in this one!

Of course to round out the whole experience, the console comes fully equipped (ahem) with a wooden TV as well. While it was originally created as an exhibit at an art event of some kind, it’s rumored that it appeared to well made enough to be mistaken for a real NES. I mean it is definitely well crafted and finely detailed, but I don’t think I’d actually walk up to it and try to press the power button to see what happens. While no one has been interested enough to purchase it at a recent auction on E-bay, I have to beleive that some geeky Nintendo fan out there would be interested in the piece. I think it’d also be cool to have this converted into the real thing. I’m sure some clever DIYer out there could place a real TV in the wooden frame and gut an original NES and place it in there as well. Of course, I don’t think there’d be much you could do with the controllers.

I’ve always thought woodworking was somewhat of a lost art, but have been proven wrong time and time again with all of the cool sculptures and gadgetry that still utilize the material here on Weebly. I mean I would love to have a Super Mario Brothers Wooden Coin Box, but I’ll probably skip out on the cell phone that’s made of wood. Ear splinters don’t strike me as fun.

Gamesniped Via:  Technabob