Keep Warm With This Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Throw

I have heard some pretty terrible puns in my time, but the description of this Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Woven Throw Blanket (wow that is a serious mouthful!) made me cringe even more than usual. “Wrap this cozy throw around you and ease into perfect hibernation.” Get it?! Because Han was frozen in hibernation against his will? I thought you would. Let’s move on.

I never would have imagined that there would be this much demand for products featuring a guy that’s a frozen block of carbonite, but after the Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite soaps started flying off the shelves, I guess I shouldn’t be entirely surprised at similar developments either. Of course the price bar is set a smidge higher, as you’ll need to fork over $59.99 (plus shipping costs, taxes, and so on) if you want your hands on this throw blanket. Given the blanket’s size and detail, I’m not all that surprised, and I think it’d be a worthwhile purchase if you’re that much of a Star Wars fan. Personally I think having Han’s anguished expression starting at me while I’m trying to sleep a little creepy. I’d keep him safely mounted on the wall, thank you very much.

On the other hand, the throw looks to be well made. It measures 52 inches by 68 inches in size, and is made from a comfy sounding soft cotton blend. Don’t feel like having Han Solo smothering you as a blanket? Well not to worry, he also doubles as a great wall decoration too! You’ll need to wait a bit though, as this neat little piece of Star Wars geekery doesn’t begin shipping until August. Throw in the soap, hang this on your wall, and you have your own Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite theme going, complete with carbonite cake!

Via: Star Wars Shop