Harry Potter Cake Reminds About The Fantasy World

The mere word of Harry Potter puts one’s mind away to a fantasy world. It is this famous name that gave birth to certain merchandising, the recent one being the Harry Potter cake.

But having a quick glance over the cake, no one would ever believe that even in reality it is one sumptuous cake.

Harry Potter cake

This cake by Debbie is an incredible gift for Harry Potter fans, who love to be associated with this evergreen character in some way or the other. On the other hand, it is hard to find a person who hates eating cakes. But if you managed to find a person who doesn’t like eating cakes, this special Harry Potter inspired cake, involving merchandising of Harry Potter viz., sorting hat, and golden snitch tucked away in the cake would tempt the person to try a slice.

This cake is the creation of none other than Rebecca Sutterby who is an acclaimed award -winning cake artist and designer. She is also the owner of Sugar Creations. Her sumptuous cakes have been featured in countless magazines like Modern Wedding Cakes & Chocolates, The Knot-Kansas City, The National Culinary Review etc.

What makes this Harry Potter cake set apart from other cakes is the color combination used to make this cake second to none. The golden color is meticulously used in the cake and looks splendid. The inscription of words on the cake “Happy Birthday Jonathan” puts a sort of sensation to the body. Other sumptuous cakes which require special mention include the Super Mario Bros Chess Cake and the Wampa Gory Cake.