Visit San Francisco For Machinations Art Show

An artist is known better from the work of art that he creates from time to time and this time it is turn of three amazing artists, namely, Benjamin Cowden, Jeremy Mayer and Nemo Gould who have come up with a brilliant collective work, the Applied Kinetic Arts.

Currently available for a close look at the Claude Lane Gallery in San Francisco, each work introduced by these individuals is worth raising the eyebrows. The works of these artists are named as “Bust IV”, “A Series of Arbitrary But Passionate Decisions” and “Albert”.


Go for a close view of the mechanical perfection and technical minuteness of all three works of Applied Kinetic Arts and you will find absolutely no word to describe your experience. Picking the “Bust IV” of Jeremy Mayer first, the very first view of the object will make you realize that it is a 6 foot tall human figure that Jeremy has designed and built simply by using pieces of vintage typewriter. The appearance of the figure is so similar and accurate with that of a human body that no one can be spared from staying stunned. He has named it as the Nude IV – “Delilah” which according to him is a blend of both the figures- the model Delilah Brown and the biblical character Delilah. This character exists in the story of Samson and Delilah.

Then comes the robotic creature made by Nemo Gould. He has introduced a few robotic creatures and the amazing fact behind the making of these creatures is that all these were made by using things and materials that have not been used and all good to be thrown-away. All such things comprise of broken tools, unused and refused gadgets and other similar things. That truly sounds mind-blowing, right?

Machinations 2

Lastly and definitely not the least one, Benjamin Cowden will also leave you amazed with his great work in displaying the interplay between gears and movement. The issues that are found and faced in the everyday life have been projected and examined through the hand-cranked machines of this genius. The thing that he has come up with observes the dilemma of life, the dilemma of not being able to see ahead of the present.

These great artistries will be available in the Claude Lane Gallery till 21st of August only which you surely would not like to miss!

The exhibition reminds me of the The Hottest Exhibition Girls of CES 2010 and Giant Tetris Blocks at Sydney Exhibition.

Via: Boingboing