JLA Trophy Room Sinestro Battery Prop Replica

Sinestro Power Battery Prop Replica aims to pay compliment to the other Green Lantern models in the series of the amazing Justice League of America Trophy Room…and it’s just $299.99.trophy room light
It is about 11.5 high, 7.25” wide and 10” deep. It is made from resin and comes in limited editions along an authenticity certificate and a yellow Power Ring.
At first Sinestro was a Green Lantern, although his tyrannical behavior towards his Korugar mate residents drew the Guardian’s attention. Consequently, Sinestro was deprived by the power of his green lantern and banished in an antimatter universe. Here he made an alliance with Qward Weaponers and received the power of the yellow ring.

trophy room light side left
In fact, the story is only the beginning. Sinestro is determined to destroy the Green Lanterns and for this purpose, he created Sinestro Corps, and he supplied the power of the yellow ring to terrible villains like Superman-Prime and Cyborg Superman and many batman villains.
Anyway, an ancient prophecy mentioned the Blackest Night and the light war of the emotional spectrum. Green Lantern, Yellow Lantern and Sinestro Corps are attacked by Red and Blue Lanterns and by Orange Agent, by the Indigo Lanterns and the Star Sapphires and by the evil Corps of the Black Lanterns. Now all the metal rings that symbolize the power of the different corps are together in a display base made from resin and powered by batteries. The rings are secured by a dome made of glass and placed on the base top. The dome can be removed any time. Anyway, this replica is connected to the anticipated story about the “Blackest Night”.

trophy room light side right
The rings are protected by a removable glass dome that sits on top of the base. This special prop replica is linked to the highly anticipated ‘Blackest Night’ storyline! This mixed-media, hand-painted, limited-edition piece measures approximately 8′ high x 5.5′ wide x 5.5′ deep and is packaged in a 4-color box, along with a 4-color Certificate of Authenticity and an instruction sheet.
So, the newest addition to Justice League of America’s Trophy Room is a replica that every Green Lantern fan must have. It is a piece that can accompany different battery-powered DC Direct Green Lantern Lanterns. It will surely add some fear to every hero’s heart in the light of the blackest and most terrible night.
Sinestro Power Battery Prop Replica has the following sizes: 11 ½” tall, 7 ¼” wide and 10”long.

If you are a real fan of the Green Lantern you really must have this replica.