Pacman Bento Is One Lunch Box Which Will Be Relished By Every Gamer

Pacman and lunches do not quite go together, unless you like playing Pacman while enjoying your meal, which is completely just a hypothetical situation. All I wanna say, the items stated above would never match until you have something like this Cool Pacman Bento for your lunch.

Pacman obentoo

Created by SnoopyPhantom, this appetizing Pacman Bento took over six hours to complete, it includes a wide range of ingredients making it extremely healthy and nutritious as well as awesomely cool. This Pacman was made with tamagoyaki (egg), nori (seaweed) and akai kamaboko (fish cake) while the ghosts were made with carrot, ham, hard-boiled egg and nori. Some of the other ingredients include stuff like tonkatsu (pork cutlet), gohan (steamed rice), sunomono (vinegared cucumbers), strawberries and orange slices…mmm.

These cool Bento boxes make a perfect lunch for any kid who obviously thinks that games and lunch boxes go great together. You can also have a look at the other cool Bento boxes that have made it to the web considering the amount of creativity and art put in them like the Google Chrome Bento, the Space Invaders Bento or the Tetris Bento.