GPS Devices from the Early 1900’s

The GPS has already become an everyday invention with different watches, cellphones and PDA’s consisting of it, but the concept was already in its beginning process back in the early 1900’s.

Plus Four Wristlet Route Indicator

gps device from 1920 image

This nifty watch is actually from 1927 and was only available to those who were able to afford cars. It consists of the watch with two turning knobs, and interchangeable mini maps for the different trips you plan on making. Of course, it is pretty similar to a real map but in miniature form, so it didn’t take care of the problem of making actual turns. When you did encounter a turn on your trip, you would have to pull over and change the map. Still, traffic wasn’t as hectic back in those days, so it would be a lot easier to pull right to the side.

gps device from 1920 images

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Roll Up Map Device

gps device from 1930 image

Created in 1932, this is a larger counterpart of the Route Indicator we seen above. As they probably realized it is difficult to read such a small map, let along with all the bumpy roads back in those days, they upgraded to a bigger device. Just like before, this device includes various Paper maps that may be changed according to your trip. The difference is that the map supposedly progresses based on the car’s speed, yet those large knobs are there…just in case.

They still didn’t figure out what to do about the turning dilemma.

gps device from 1930 images

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