A Depressing Mario Comic Depiction

If you’ve ever owned a Nintendo system, you probably have some attachment to the classic video character Mario. This crafty plumber has been stomping over Goombas and Koopa Troopers for decades now with no consequences, but this rather depressing comic sheds some light on what would really to happen to Mario if he continued his murderous ways.

super mario comic depression image thumb

The beginning of the comic seems pretty run of the mill, minus the blood and gore. Mario is pleasantly smashing your typical goomba fodder when he realizes what he’s done and becomes riddled with guilt. Stricken, he hastily buries the evidence, only to be haunted by the constant memory of that poor goomba’s smashed and bloody remains. Unable to focus on his work, he enters a downward spiral. Drinking heavily, ignoring work calls, and letting the bills pile up, until the Toad police break down his door and bring him in. Unable to cope with the realities of life in jail, Mario decides to end it all. It isn’t in the comic, but Bowser shows up unopposed and takes over the world.

It is a little disturbing to be sure, but still humorous..to me anyway. If you’re interested in some more lighthearted Super Mario Bros fare that won’t make you sad on the inside, might I suggest taking a gander at this Super Mario Chess Cake or some funny and much less depressing Mario Kart Minis.

Via: Man Eggs