Optical Illusion Design: a new concept in Interior Design!

If you thought you have seen it all in the name of  designer homes, then it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. The interior designers all over sure have woken up to the new concept of designing offices or studios with this unique concept of Optical Illusion.

Now your wait for one of a kind interior design is over. With some creative and out-of-the-box thinking of the graduates of Chelsea School of Art and Design, an idea was successfully transformed  into a workable project and now has become a great idea for creative interior designers. An optical design on the walls which makes sense only from one angle and all others just make up for an interesting graffiti like structure.

These optical illusions make up for an interesting spread and with such an array of colored paint, spread all over the walls giving it a 3D appeal, the concept will guarantee one long second look, making it an excellent idea for all those who want to make a statement and yet reach out. Innovative and attention seeking, this one of a kind 3D design is sure to attract professional and personal space designers alike.

If this one of a kind design kept you glued till the last picture then Packman Illusion and Optical Illusion Hinge Tape might also interest you.

Via: Freshome