Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite…an Ice Block

I have always loved old school Star Wars toys. I still have my AT-AT stomping around my parents house somewhere, and I even brought the old Rancor with me when I moved out. I have to admit, though, that the thought never occured to me that I could actually take Han Solo and shove him in the freezer, creating a real life version of him being frozen in carbonite.

han solo frozen in ice block image

Ok, so I guess this creation by Lot’s Wife isn’t exactly real carbonite, but it’d be fun to show off to my brother’s oldest son, who absolutely adores everything that is Star Wars. It could also be a fun exercise to see how long it would take old Han to thaw out of the ice. Judging by the size of the block, it’d probably take a bit longer than the 20 second process in Return of the Jedi.

At the rate we are racking up Star Wars items based on this scene you could decorate an entire room of your house with the sole purpose of showing off Han Solo in carbonite. I can see it all now, showing your confused and startled visitors your exquisite Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite throw, which compliments the preserved Han Solo carbonite cake. Of course you’d need to frame the Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite soap, too. I never really thought the scene was all that significant, but I have been proven wrong time and time again.