PetPad Eases Road Rage on the Information Super Highway

The PetPad is a conceptual mouse design that combines the soothing properties of an “anti-stress” ball with the functionality of a regular computer mouse.

The PetPad mouse by Patrick Staudt consists of a basic mouse with Velcro criss-crossing the top.  Different “pillows” can be attached to the top of the mouse providing a pretty customizable experience (and, if you misplace your hackysack you can always use the cushion off of your PetPad – or, if office wars are more your speed, you could easily throw this little “cushion” at your boss.)  The name itself seems a little bit abstract – since it doesn’t resemble any pet I’ve encountered.  For that matter, it’s not designed to be lovingly stroked.  But I digress.

To utilize the mouse buttons you simply tilt your hand forward.  The buttons are mounted beneath the base-plate so as to not interfere with the “click” portion of “point and click.”  If you are looking for a mouse that has the versatility of dozens of different buttons, this probably isn’t it.  Nor is it really designed to compete with something like Apple’s new trackpad.   But if you work in a high-stress office and want to release a little stress, this might be for you.

The design itself seems a little more like a novelty than an actual tool for anyone who actually needs a mouse with complex functionality – but it might be just the thing for those folks’ who spend all day pointing and clicking.  Now you could point, squeeze and click.

In the world of concept designs for computer mice this design isn’t quite as strange as the “Wearable Mouse” concept, and maybe isn’t as technologically geeky as the 4D trackball mouse — but it does seem to provide a little piece of stress-reducing pleasure for those cube-dwelling office workers out there who need a little something to help keep them calm while navigating the Information Super Highway.