Zen Station: The One-Of-A-Kind Bio-Feedback Controlled Game

You must have heard it many times that for defeating your opponent you should be mentally strong and have your heart in the game only and true enough, but in the new Zen Station game your mind and heart plays the key role that can take you to win the game.

It is perhaps the only game of its kind that has been introduced till now which declares a person to be winner who is strong and calm in his heart rate and have a normal and controlled blood oxygen level. Designed for two players only, this bio-feedback controlled game is highly technological and the only mantra to win this game is to have a strong and calm heart. For achieving accurate results and to judge the pulse rate of the two players, sensor technology is used in this game.

zan station 2

What matters the most in the Zen Station game is that if you stay cool and calm then no body can defeat you. The play area of this game is a kind of box or board that measures 2m x 1m x 35cm and the players need to sit facing each other. Before beginning the game, each of the players will have to clip a sensor to their earlobe and that is the key thing that catches the heart rate of the players and in fact depicts that too. On each side of the player, there is a round metal field where the players are required to put their hands, especially their fingers and as soon as the game starts the pulse rate of players gets visible on the box through a blue line.

For the sensor to test your pulse rate, you will have to pass energy balls at a certain interval. You will be allowed to start a new round for passing energy balls at shorter intervals only if you can show that you have been able to control your heart rate. If you are passing the balls with a calm heart rate then the size of the balls will be bigger and it travels far too and vice versa. Then gradually, the blue line keeps making it way towards the weaker contender and finally, reaches its destination.

zen station 1

The whole game is based on annihilation and it only decides who the stronger player is and who is not. If you are one among the two payers and are getting impatient or nervous while putting your finger on the metal field then your pulse rate will show that and suddenly you will experience high blood oxygen rate with faster heart rate. Faster heart rate means you are weak and have not been able to keep yourself calm and that is the point at which you will loose the game. For showing it that you have lost the game, the blue line on the box will keep on proceeding towards you. The more you get impatient, the closer it will be to you and the moment it touches your finger, you are the looser!

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Thanks Derek for the tip!

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