Cute Remote Control Cushions To End The Age Old Fight

Remote Controls play an important role in our day to day lives, yet we hardly see any strong design concepts based around them.

Indeed, we have remote controls for practically every appliance in our modern dwellings, from TV’s and DVD Players, to Sound Systems and even the globes that light our way and the curtains that give us privacy from the harsh and ever scrutinizing world right outside our windowsills . Just like electricity, without them we’d be truly lost.

remote cushions

Instead of just handling them on a frequent daily basis, Didier Hilhorst and Nicholas Zambetti from Droog Design realized the simple remote control’s potential and took a leap of faith with their creative intuition and flair. Hilhorst and Zambetti, known as a dynamic duo in design circles took that leap of faith with the creation of Cushion Control. Cushion Control was actually created for Dry Tech III, a collaboration between Droog Design and the Structures and Materials Lab at TU Delft. Unfortunately the expo wasn’t enough to turn this bright idea into a commercial product just yet, but we all live in hope.

Their Cushion Control Design is simple yet strong. You’ll see one function per cushion. That is, the set consists of a pillow dedicated to Volume, another for the Power On And Off symbol, one for changing Programs or Channels, and so forth. The design is simple yet elegant, with the contrasting orange against the sparkly whiteness of the background. This is truly a design that would complement most interior decorative styles.


It’s a conceptually strong design and their boldness in taking something so “ordinary and everyday” and transforming it into a daring design statement dramatically alters our perspective of a humble extension of our hands we know as the humble remote control. That does indeed sound like a big statement to make, yet the Cushion Control design also retains a quality of being playful, simple and fun. Our actual remote controls have been the same practically since their creation, so this might not be a new and daring generation for remote controls, but it most definitely deserves any interior designer’s attention.

Not to forget the playful twist it puts on the age old battle of who gets the hold the remote control… Maybe instead of the power struggle that usually goes with changing of the channels, we might face a future of pillow fights instead. If you like Didier and Hilhorst’s design, you might also like these articles about Geeky Doormat Designs, 26 Geeky Pillow Designs and the Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Throw.

Via: Talk2MyShirt