Infinity Remote Control Design

For those of you into who’s into futuristic fantasies and futuristic toys, the Infinity remote control is probably for you.
While universal remote controls have become a popular, tried and tested must have for your TV viewing experience, this new remote pushes the boundaries. Created by Damien Crossan, who also designed the G50 Vanguard Logitech Mouse, the Infinity remote, with its touch screen interface looks really sleek and seems to be built for 5 or 6 years into the future.
The remote is motion sensitive, so the touch interface resembles that of a touchscreen phone, or the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The touch gestures work for volume control, channel surfing, and menu browsing. The remote supposedly features motion control like the Wii as well.
The remote is designed with 4G capabilities, and is powered by lithium polymer batteries, giving it a longer lifespan than many other remote controls.
The 4G receiver enables the remote to receive live feeds, allowing you to preview, on the remote, what is on TV, instead of having to look up at the screen. It’s pretty cool if you want to keep an eye on when a show is back from commercial breaks, or if you have to go somewhere else while a show is on.
The remote control is also universal, as one would expect. One can separate the blue touch screen and use that as a controller for wireless portable media devices. This activates the secondary interface on the main remote, which looks a lot like a regular remote, with numbers and channel and volume controls. It comes with a memory bank so you can take the remote and use it anywhere to watch all the things you want, when you want.
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