Buzz Lightyear Cake Brings Toy Story to Life

Despite Toy Story 3’s smash hit at the box office, I never really got what the big deal was. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pixar, and I enjoy most of their movies, but the latest iteration of the Toy Story saga seemed like a place I had been before.

After looking over this awesome Buzz Lightyear cake, however, I got to thinking. Maybe this movie will be worth seeing after all (too late for the theatre unfortunately). So, readers, no spoilers (haha) because I have turned over a new leaf and do not wish to have my fragile hopes for the movie smashed.

Anyway, my little tangent aside, let’s get back to the cake. The detail on this guy is amazing, especially given the size of this beast (just under two feet tall). I’d get a little tired of the “I know better than you” eyebrow raise though. In fact, I’d probably go for the face first. Hard to look arrogant and snarky without a face! Take that Buzz Lightyear!

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