“Meh” Facebook T-Shirt Brings Out the Indifference in You

If I had a nice for every time I used the word “Meh.” I’d probably have… well, a lot of nickels. I’m the kind of guy who tends to get stuck on a word and use it way too often… Just like a broken record player that keeps playing the same couple words from a song over and over.

If I wanted to immortalize the phrase with a picture, then this “Meh” graphic would do beautifully. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this is at least good enough for one.

Graphics like this one from Obeyken make great t-shirts, as the beauty is in the simplicity. You don’t need to sit and stare at someone for about 5 minutes to get the message. The person just doesn’t give a damn, and now you know this (knowing is half the battle, am I right?!). The Ultimate Gaming Shirt is another prime example of this as well, although not quite as clever as the Periodic Bacon Shirt.

Bottom line is, if you find yourself a die hard “meh” user like me, you should pick up one of these babies. The original creator has asked anyone interested to shoot him an e-mail (done!) and he’ll let us know when they will be available.