Flux Capacitor Infographic Explains Time Travel [Infographic]

This unique infographic finally explains the secret of the infamous Flux Capacitor.  Doc Brown had it all figured out:  cool car, cool hair and geeky toys.

It might just be that he was the first hipster – which, of course, you’d never know for sure (which is one of the advantages of time travel.)

The infographic (aka poster) created by SplashShot provides a comic-book style diagram that explains the basics of the good ol’ Flux Capacitor.  But you don’t have to fret about trying to figure out the exact schematics in order to have your very ownFlux Capacitor, all you have to do is check out the replica we reviewed a while back.

The infographic is well-designed and well executed, looking every bit like the sketches that Doc Brown might have constructed.  The drawings of the dolorean and the Doc himself are interesting and a great homage to the movie.  This would be a great graphic to frame and hang on the garage/lab wall.  Who knows it might inspire additional time-travel related projects.

Marty McFly originally time-travelled in 1985, which means it’s been twenty-five years since that fateful first trip.  Who knows, with your own Capacitor you might be able to go back and get a full explanation from Doc, himself.  Or, if you just want some other swag related to the movies you can check out the arduino powered Nikes we reviewed a while back.  Back, some might say, in the future.

Via: SloshSpot