Revolute – Change the Way you Think Change the Way you Drive!

We all know how frustrating it is to get stuck in traffic jams, and it gets even more tedious when you are in a hurry. For this very purpose Harsha Vardhan (an Indian industrial designer) came out with the concept of Revolute.

As you can see, Revolute is the concept of a single-person vehicle powered by electricity. Smaller than a car, bigger than a bike… standing somewhere in between Revolute presents a concept of making cars more portable to lessen traffic and make it easier for drivers to cut through traffic jams. It surely is a wonderful looking vehicle however we can’t really say how practical it would be if it comes out.

revolute electric vehicle concept 2

To me it appears more like a modernized version of Cindrella’s carriage. Remember that huge pumpkin in between? It exactly resembles the round glass body between the wheels of Revolute. Revolute is however not just about being compact. In fact there were many features demonstrated which made the vehicle look more happening including the two postures it features, i.e. static posture and a dynamic posture. Dynamic posture simply refers to the posture Revolute takes up while the vehicle is in action and static is when the vehicle is at a stop.

revolute electric vehicle concept 3

Personally I like the concept. If it turns out that the Revolute will be produced then I would certainly be happy. First of all it’s a green car running on electricity so we will have the opportunity of saving the environment as well as our own costs. Secondly the small size would make it way easier to drive it through heavily crowded streets. But I would have been more excited if the looks or the design was a bit more realistic, decent, and appealing. Right now it looks way too kiddish for a professional to drive it to work. A nice looking mini coupe edition would be my preference.

Anyhow, the concept is implanted so I guess models can be changed over the years. We can just hope that car manufacturers actually start producing such electric cars commercially. Lastly, thumbs up to Harsha for his great work!

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revolute electric vehicle concept

Via: Tuvie