21 Awesome Super Mario Bros Theme Remakes

We already know how popular Super Mario is even after all these years, and an additional proof to that is by all the Super Mario Bros theme remakes that were made by loyal fans throughout the web.


In this collection, we gather 21 various Super Mario Bros themes that include beatboxing, Tesla coils and even Wine bottles. The creativity of the fans is apparent and so is the Mario love. Check them all out in the video presentations below and let us know which is your favorite.

Tesla Mario

Tesla Coils have always been a fascinating thing with the power they present, but in this Super Mario Tesla Theme, the combination is simply electrifying.

Wine Bottles and an RC Car

By using many Wine bottles and timing a Remote Control Car just perfectly we have another amazing Mario Theme that is out of this world. The actual demo begins at approximately 20 seconds into the video.

Super Beatboxing Mario

Although the demo is a little weird, the Beatboxing Mario Theme definitely deserves a spot in this collection. It is a one man show by Hikakin that brings the game to life.

Laser Cutter Theme

Yes, you read right! This is a Super Mario Theme recreated with a Laser Cutter, which would leave some dumbfounded.

Office Tools Mario

Here are two cool versions that present the Pen Drumming Mario and also a weird theme using a ruler. Which is better is really up to you.

Pen Drumming Mario

Ruler Mario Rules!

Musical Instrument Super Mario Theme

Here are a number of various versions of the Super Mario theme played on a variety of musical instruments…the possibilities are endless

Super Mario Violin

This version of the Super Mario Bros Violin provides both the actual theme from the infamous game and also includes the music score of sounds and actions we are so familiar with.

Guitar Mario

Zack Kim replicates the Mario theme using two separate electric guitars without missing a beat.

Here is a great gypsy acoustic Guitar version that would break many Geeky girls’ hearts and introduces Super Mario Bros 2.

Bass Mario

This is an outstanding demonstration by Jean Baudin of the Mario theme played on an eleven-string bass, making all Geeks want to learn to play an instrument besides Guitar Hero.

The following is an additional Bass guitar version that is Slap happy and is very impressive.

Playing on an Oud

Not many are familiar with the Oud, but after watching this awesome Mario Oud Version, it will remain on your mind.

Drummer Mario

Drumming virtuoso Vadrum made another epic win by accompanying Super Mario Brothers on Drums. The result is amazing, and if you weren’t familiar with Mario, you may actually think it is a true masterpiece.

Beatboxing Flute Mario

Another cool creation that combines beatboxing with the flute. The result sounds great and also is extremely creative.

Piano Mario

This first Super Mario Bros theme version that is simply played and shows that fans are worldwide.

This second Piano version is of Super Mario Bros 2 and is actually played by someone who is not familiar with the theme. By the note sheet only, Tom recreates the theme in a slower but fun style.

Ocarina Mario?

The Ocarina usually brings Zelda to mind, but this version proves it works well with the famous plumber as well.

Super Mario Orchestras

Entire orchestra ensembles playing Super Mario Bros? Yes, it seems that no matter where you are at, the Mario fans are also present.

Gameboy Mario

This is a version played by the band the Gameboys, which shows that even musicians are complete geeks. Fast forward to approximately 1:30 to skip intro.

Mario Theme Keychain

super mario bros theme keychain

This is not a fan made gadget, but it still lets fans enjoy the Super Mario Theme everywhere they go. It includes various themes in one little Keychain accessory that makes it easy to have Mario with you no matter where you are at.