Bionic Arm Mic Stand Lends a Helping Hand

I know it has probably been awhile, but remember all the way back in Terminator 2 when that big company that was going to create Skynet and inadvertently put humanity on the brink of extinction had that piece of the old terminator?

You know, the old hand that they ended up destroying (and consequently accomplished nothing – it should be noted, according to subsequent sequels). Well take that arm and put in on a microphone stand and Voila! you have this bionic arm mic stand that I’m afraid would start bludgeoning me in the middle of a concert.

This particular sculpture from Christopher Conte is actually a custom stand that was created for Three Days Grace. Why would they want a bionic arm holding their mic? I’ll probably never know, but I have to admit it does exude a bit of technological charm in some ways. If nothing else, the thing is incredibly shiny, and who doesn’t like shiny trinkets? No one, that’s who! It can even be adjusted to look like it’s rocking out right along with you. Boo yah!

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