The G-Shell Gadget Chair Combines Art and Function in Providing You With The Ultimate Gamers’ Experience

The G-Shell Gadget Chair combines technology and comfort to provide the ultimate gamers’ setting. It can be described as a truly “escapist entertainment experience” enabling you to completely zone away from reality.

I’ve always cherished a fantasy setting somewhere in the wildest corner of my imagination – a room with a huge screen and interactive chair with everything I need readily available; keyboard type controls at my fingertips, voice command, and perhaps enough space to stash food supply that would carry me through a nuclear fall out…

gadget chair main

Maybe one day in the near (or not so near) future I’d be able to finally realize that dream; in the mean time British Designer Jamie Martin created the G-Shell Gadget Chair, bringing my fantasy setting with its screen and chair one step closer. The chair features an OLED 16:9 screen (suitable for internet access, watching movies, and playing games) opposite a comfy leather headrest. Below the seat you find 4 disc slots, suitable for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Apple Mac/PC and Nintendo WII discs and games, as well as mood lighting settings complete with multi-colour LED lights to adjust to your mood.

gadget chair disc slots

The chair might appear small, but when it comes to sound it is true that good things come in small packages. Speakers are located at the top of the chair right underneath an hydraulic arm, as well as rear directional speakers conveniently placed behind the head rest and front direction speakers attached to the sides of the OLED screen. Don’t forget the big subwoofer at the back of the chair, lower back region. The chair wouldn’t be complete without the retractable gaming wheel and joy stick. When not in use, simply retract and it’s safely concealed below the seat. And what would a gaming chair be without a foot rest and pedals?

gadget chair speakers

The G-Shell Gadget chair also sports ergonomic seating, consisting of leather upholstery and an LED illumination strip in the lining. Besides the chair’s built in gaming consoles, other features include a computer and TV/PVR with a 1 TB capacity, as well as a built-in heater system and micro-cooling fans. Believe it or not, the chair comes with a massager and lumbar supports too (which is controlled via the computer CUI.) No more back aches from playing for hours or even days on end.

gadget chair screen

The wealth of technology, coupled with the convenience and ease of slipping into your favourite reality, would make any serious gamer want to own it, cherish it, and even call it “My Precious” forever. I also enjoyed Razer Orca Headphones and Crystal Studded Xbox 360.

Via: Jamie Martin Design