New Gmail Feature Lets You Call Phones from Gmail

Google has done it again by bringing a new revolutionary VoIP option called Call Phones.

Call phone

Google Voice has brought out this new application enabling you to call your online friends through Gmail no matter at whatever distance they are from you. This is, in fact, the easiest way of receiving calls and dialing calls.

At present, this new Call Phones feature is absolutely free of cost in the US and Canada. However, this feature will soon be priced at 2 cents per minute in other countries. In the US, this facility is expected to remain free for the rest of the year and after that it might be priced at an affordable price.

Remember that the numbers that will be showed in your Gmail account will be used for dialing and receiving calls from this new facility offered by Google Voice. This new feature from the house of Google Voice has been rolled out in August 2010 and is expected to be at free of cost until January 2011 in Canada and the US.

In case, you are not aware of how to call phones using Gmail, then you can learn the procedure here.  First of all, you need to open a Gmail account.  Once, you have opened a Gmail account, then you need to go to the “Chat” option on the left hand side of your Gmail screen.  Make sure to look for the tab that states “Call Phone” and a green phone symbol located just next to this line.

After this, you will be required to install and activate the voice and video plug-in, in case you have not installed it yet. Next step to make phone calls from Gmail is to click on the “Call Phone” tab. In fact, a box will appear that will tell you about this new service of Google. Reading the information in this box, you will get all the information about this new service.

Below this “Call Phone” tab, you will see two options and you need to click on “Accept” option indicating that you agree on understanding the terms of use of this new service. Then, look for the call box on the page. Once, you reach this stage, press on the blue “Call” button at the base of the dial box and then your call will start dialing.

Use this Call Phones facility to talk to friends and family members instantly in countries like Mexico, China, Italy, Germany, France and UK. However, this facility will be available in other countries very soon.

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Via: Googleblog