Trombone Flamethrower is Anything But Boring

Tell someone you have a trombone that you like to play, and you’ll probably get a sort of meh response like “That’s kinda cool, I guess.” Now tell you have a trombone that you like to light things on fire with, and I guarantee you’ll get a completely different reaction.

It might send them running out of the room in terror, but the point stands.

Well, someone was just crazy enough to do it, and they were nice enough to put up a demonstration on Youtube. The best part is that he can continue to play while the thing is spouting out flames. Thankfully, it also has a temperature gauge just in case the heat gets turned up a bit too much. The flames are provided — thanks to a propane tank and a barbecue ignition system. The video is just short enough to keep your attention even if you have a hard time paying attention. Besides, it’s a flame-throwing trombone, just enjoy it.

trombone flamethrower image thumb

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Via: Geekosystem