19 Epic Papercraft Video Game Characters

Papercraft is the art of creating three-dimensional models using sheets of paper. Since, it has evolved into a more modern hobby we have seen various papercraft models over the years. There have been papercraft cars, papercraft famous people and there is a lot of other stuff just waiting to be created.

Here we have listed 19 papercraft work inspired by some really famous games and video game characters. So, check out this list of some great papercraft work, ranging from some of the most creative to some of the most simplistic models.

Unbelievable Super Mario Papercraft

Well, this is truly an evolved form of papercraft and although this looks totally complex and unbelievable, it is completely real. The model is called SSBB Super Mario Papercraft and it was created by Ignatius. Isn’t it simply awesome!

Super Mario Papercraft Animation

This is a really brilliant, easy-to-build animated Mario papercraft model. Rotating the lever will make Mario jump and a coin will pop up from the box above him. Interested, well you can do it at home!

World of Warcraft Papercraft Models

If you are not really much of a Retro fan, then these brutal World of Warcraft Papercraft models will totally interest you. They seem to be crafted very carefully and they also look quite similar to the actual models. I personally like Illidan the most.

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Team Fortress 2 Chibi Papercraft

Check out the cute little Team Fortress 2 Papercraft models, aren’t they just beautiful? It looks like some really smart work.

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Team Fortress 2 Papercraft Spy

This is a very precise papercraft design of the Spy model from Team Fortress 2, it is designed by Louise Roberts.

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Final Fantasy Sephiroth Papercraft

This is a Sephiroth Papercraft model which is based on the famous Dissidia Final Fantasy Action RPG. Sephiroth is the uber cool villan.

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Cloud Strife Papercraft Model

This is a papercraft model of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII / Kingdom Hearts. The models is available for free download including instructions on how to get it done.

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Life Sized Link Papercraft Model

I think this is the biggest papercraft video game character ever. This is Link from the Zelda franchise and it is as big as an average human being. This life size Link papercraft also has an entirely similar outfit including the sword and shield.

Stop Motion Papercraft Zelda

Zelda fans, you’re totally going to love it. These are stop motion paper animation featuring short stories based on the Legend of Zelda franchise. This Stop Motion Paper animation series is created by a guy called “Eric Powerup”.

Pacman Paper Toys

Still love the old ways of gaming, then check out these paper Pacman toys. These are some delicate Pacman collectibles designed by Matthew Hawkins, if interested you can get one for yourself at the Rivet website for $300.

Papercraft Sackboy in different Costumes

Aware of Sackboy from Little Big Planet, well, he has made an appearance as a papercraft model in different costumes. Don’t you wish you could have done something like this?

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Viewtiful Joe Papercraft Model

This is a badass papercraft model of the famous Viewtiful Joe created by Taras Lesko. This papercraft tribute to the video game character is 3.5ft tall but sadly it is something no one can purchase.

BioShock 2 Papercraft Dolls

2K games is still giving out free BioShock 2 Papercraft patterns which can be downloaded and then used to make a few really interesting BioShock 2 Papecraft models. It includes patterns of Little Sister, Big Sister, Subject Delta, and a few other BioShock 2 characters.

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BioShock Big Daddy PaperCraft

Disappointed that the earlier package did not have Big Daddy? Well, here he is and he looks way more badass than anyone else. One thing is for sure, creating such a detailed model of the character is going to require a lot of patience.

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Papercraft Master Chief

Halo fans, here is the Papercraft version of the famous Master Chief. This is one papercraft model I am going to build.

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MegaMan Papercraft

This is the papercraft model of the famous MegaMan who still entertains me on my Game Boy Advance. This particular model however, is based on a Sony PSP game called MegaMan Powered Up.

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Mortal Kombat Papercraft Fatalities

How can I ever forget those brilliant fatalities which haunted me for some time during my childhood? Well, anyways that is not the story with everyone, and I have also come to understand that it is just a game. Apparently, this Papercraft Stop Motion Animation of Mortal Kombat Fatalities is way much cooler than the old CGI effects. This is also the work of “Eric Powerup”.

Chibiterasu Papercraft

Okamiden is an upcoming game for the Nintendo DS and Chibiterasu is cute little wolf cub who is considered God. Remember Okami, well it is the same wolf but just in his earlier days. Interested, head over and build one for yourself.

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Half-Life 2 Dog Papercraft

This is actually Alyx the robot from Half-Life-2. This model is a bit delicate and immobile than the actual one but you can build one for yourself too.

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