18 Skateboard Designs, Concepts and Artworks

The modern skateboard originated in California back during the late 1970s. After that it started evolving and by the mid 1980s it became one of the most glorified pastime throughout United Sates. Today, every skateboard has its unique charm. there are many brilliant designs available out there but we are all aware that there are a lot of guys out there who take personalization to a new creative level.

Over a period of time, skateboarding has now become a form of art, a recreational activity, a method of transportation and also a job for many guys throughout the world. In this post we have compiled a list of 18 skateboard designs and concepts along with some unique skateboard art.

Tribute to the Fallen Skater

Jud Turner, an artist by profession has designed this awesome and artistic sculpture to the Skateboard Deck/Art Auction to raise money for the Eugene Skate Park. This brilliant skateboard art is titled as ‘Tribute to the Fallen Skate.’


Flowboards bring a complete change to skateboarding and takes it to the next level. These Flowboards are designed by Mike Simonian and Peter Schouten, who have modified it to have a total of 14 wheels and two axels which make it a completely unique riding experience. Although, it is very similar to skateboarding it has a few points where it differs over the generic skateboards.

The Guitar Skateboard

This brilliant Skateboard plus Guitar forms to be what they call the Skatar, which is the world’s first skateboard guitar. You can use this to nail some ultra awesome solos and you can also use it as a mode of transportation! Isn’t that what you always wanted?

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Wireless Electric Skateboard

Altered has designed a wireless electric skateboard called the Altered Skates Pro Module 600 which makes skateboarding a much effortless task. It takes you from 0 to 19 mph in about 4 seconds and it is not really that fast when you do it manually. It charges fully in about 4 hours and runs for approximately 8-12 miles. It is priced at $499, which is quite more expensive than the traditional skateboard.

Orbit Wheel Skates

Well, these are two separate wheels which allow you to ride around in a similar way like skateboards. The Orbit Wheel Skates seem a bit risky to me but maybe with practice you’ll ride it perfectly!

Rolls Rolls Skateboard

rolls rolls skateboard design image

The new carbon fiber skateboards from RollsRolls incorporate a new deck concept, provisioning for better riding and making them the lightest and strongest longboards currently available in the market.

The ‘Snake Board’

This brilliant looking skateboard belongs to the family of skateboards which are also called Spines. Well, it uses snake-like motion to propel instead of using your foot thrust and it is made from material used in making ice and rock climbing tools which makes them much lighter and efficient.

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The Computer Keyboard Skateboard

This is where the pop culture and geek culture comes together. Well, although it does not really look that great this keyboard skateboard is definitely a great choice for those who love to live their lives the geek way!

A Pulley, a Bike, and a Skateboard

Opulent Items has come up with this really awesome way to go green and take care of your transportation issues. This is a three in one ride, can be used as a pulley, a make-shift bike and also a skateboard. It can go up to 12 mph and in a single charge it can stay up for about an hour.

Super Mario Skateboard Art

Artist Haroshi has made some brilliant artistic designs using a lot of skateboard pieces. This is pure creativity and love for Mario. Haroshi has showcased this under that name, ‘Skate and Destroy.’ Ain’t it a really unique Mario and Skateboard art?

Two Fold Skateboard

This skateboard design comes from Northwards Design Studio and it is called the Two Fold Skateboard. It is literally a foldable skateboard with hinges and it also has some really nice graphics.

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Bluetooth Controlled Skateboard

This awesome looking skateboard has an onboard electronic motor which can be controlled by the user by leaning forward to accelerate and going backward to slow down or break. If this seems like a lot of activity, then this will sound really nice. The board can also be controlled wirelessly using Bluetooth and a cell phone which acts as a remote control.

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Tony Hawk Ride Skateboard

Well, I think most of you are well aware about Tony Hawk: Ride which was announced last year. Along with the game came a brilliant physical add-on, a physical skateboard which can be used as a controller for the game. Apparently, the game was not a big success probably due to its high pricing.

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A Skateboard with Life!

So, my observation here leads me to conclude that this dude is really enjoying it. This dude is like a complete human skateboard and watch closely he also has wheels on his back!

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Self-Balancing Segway Skateboard

Yes, it looks really weird, and apparently it is a low-cost, easy-to-build, self-balancing Segway skateboard module. You guys can try building your very own, obviously because ‘We do what we must because we can.’ It is guild using the open source Arduino micro-controller and a motor.

The iSlide

iSlide is a concept of a hydrogen fuel cell powered cross between a skateboard and a snowboard. The concept comes from Hadasa College in Israel which features a single wheel that is located at its center of gravity. It can attain a top speed of 15 kph wherein leaning forward will help you accelerate and pushing back will slow you down.

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Finger Skateboard motion Controller

If you are interested in some motion controlled virtual skateboarding, then this USB powered finger controlled motion controller is something which you can try out on your Mac or PC. This is not really a main stream product and I am not quite sure which games support this.

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Flash Drive Skateboard

Not really much to say, these are simply 2GB USB Flash drives which are designed to look like skateboards. If you find it interesting then you can get one for yourself for $21.99.