How to Make Yummy Pacman Cake

Pacman, a game released in the early 80’s has become a home favorite since then.  Now after these many years, knowing about Pacman is considered as knowledge embedded in one’s genes.

It’s still regarded as a favorite of many; therefore it is of no surprise that it has been marketed in various other ways, like for example, cake designs.

pacman yum

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Making a Pacman cake Like Foxdale here. You can even make it more interesting by having Pacman being chased by a ghost, or something like it, as it opens up a whole world of scenarios. Well for some of you, it may struck as odd. But one thing is for sure, if you got a birthday or a special occasion coming, making a Pacman cake will certainly bring out a “hey” or “ooooh” from the people. So people, there is nothing too fancy about making the cake.

So let’s see what exactly do we need to make this yummy Pacman fan dream cake. Okay, base is same for all the cakes.  All you need is sugar, flour, butter, and eggs; fondant, butter cream, and gems for decorating. If you are a lazy person like me, you can easily use a cake mix.  And you can flavor it with cocoa if you or the person you are making this cake for likes chocolate.  There are so many flavors to choose from. You can use lemon, vanilla, strawberry, or orange, etc. Alright now how to get Pac-man shape.

pac man yummy

If you were looking for 10 to 15 min more in the market you’ll get all the fancy shape molds. So just buy one which is shaped like Pacman.  Once cake is baked and cool enough to handle, we can move forward to the decorating part. For this the first thing we need is fondant which you can buy from any market or bakery as well. Add some yellow color. Roll is out enough to cover the cake from all sides. Simply level it with your hands. Now take some more fondant and add cocoa powder.  Then, roll it thinly. Cut a triangle shape to make the Pacman open mouth.  Now its time to give some final touches. Fill a piping bag with butter cream and cover the cake edges to hide the uneven part of the cake. Now you are done. But you can follow your instinct to add some personal touches.

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