Recycle Grade Gundam Takes the Stage at Gunpla 30th Anniversary

Are you a model junkie? Do you like to collect and build models from animes such as the GUNDAM series models? Do you end up building the models and discarding the runners and part trees that don’t seem to have any use to them?

Well perhaps this might change everything! Presenting the RG RX-78-2, a GUNDAM Model built entirely out of runners and part trees!


The model, which stands at three meters tall, is made completely out of old part trees and runners from various model kits, which people often tend to throw out and discard. The pose recreates the classic shooting scene from the end of Mobile Suit Gundam, except with a head on the chassis.


The design is really cool, and I don’t think any normal model collector would be able to come up with something quite like this, let alone doing it this well. Dubbed the RG (Recycle Grade) RX-78-2, this model was constructed over a period of 95 days, taking 250 man hours to complete. The structure is remarkable because everything is present, from the symbols to the details of the entire figure.


The model has fingers, the “V” at the groinplate, and vents on the chest where vents should be. The model is really cool because it’s much more eco-friendly than any other model design out there so far, and it proves how dedicated a fan this guy really is.


Despite the obvious wireframe look, the model shows true craftsmanship and dedication to building something one truly feels passion for.


The Recycle Grade Gundam was displayed at Dengeki Hobby’s Booth at Chara Hobby as part of the 30th Anniversary of Gunpla. More pictures below.







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via Tomopop