Who You Gonna Call? Lego Ghostbusters

Lego often has sets with instructions included to create certain worlds or models, but the real beauty of Lego pieces is mixing up those sets to create an entirely different world. What’s amazing about this is that most of that effort depends entirely on the creator’s imagination.Most people are familiar with the 1984 American comedy hit, Ghostbusters. This Lego art piece is meant to replicate the scene where the giant marshmallow is attacking the city.

Lego Ghostbusters Model

The tricky part of trying to create a 3D replication of a scene that you see on a TV/movie screen is the conversion of taking the 2D screen and filling in the spaces. Though images on the screen appear to be 3D, if someone were to look at the other side of the screen all they would see is nothingness, but if you were to look at the other side of a 3D structure, you would actually see the buildings and streets that are there.

That is why I take my hat off to the creators for putting so much thought into the background pieces. Though it is great to see the main pieces, like the Ghostbusters themselves and the giant marshmallow, the small details of this piece really bring it together, like the way the little Lego-men have their hands in the air as they face away from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man as if they were running away from him. Close to these citizens is a police officer feebly aiming his gun at the monster, and not even bothering to hide behind his car for protection.

It’s always amazing to see how people decide to put together Lego pieces. The fact that Lego is such an easy accessible material and is used by everyone, makes the experience of looking at the sculptures even better. It’s always easier to appreciate something when you have tried to create similar things yourself.

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Via: Don Solo