RoboBlock – For Times You Want to Go Old-school!

There are times when you may totally feel disgusted with all those techy gadgets around. You wish for a time machine so you can go back in a time when you used to play with wooden toys.

Unfortunately, a time machine hasn’t been invented yet but the good news is that you can have RoboBlock.

RoboBlock, created by Alex of xander13, is a wooden toy or more likely an art of painting on a wooden block. This is not his first creation, Xander is always busy in making such stuff and at times they are truly marvelous.

Yep that’s right we are talking about the RoboBlock being a marvel of Xander’s Art. If you are wondering if it needs to be operated or something, it doesn’t. It’s a plain piece of wooden block transformed into a RoboBlock. When I first looked at it, I thought there might be a number of things you can do with it. To be honest, I thought the upper area which appeared like a lid lifts up or something after you press the round button near the Robo’s ear area but it doesn’t. There’s nothing more to it than just painting and carving that gives it the real feel.

Well, if you are wondering what’s the use of it then I would suggest you to change the way you are looking at it. Don’t take it as a mere wooden toy for your three-year-old kid but take it as a piece of art by Xander. Keep it in your living room or near your little one’s bed, it can fit anywhere!

On a very personal note, I am not quite sure how much does this thing weigh. But as far as I can figure out it wouldn’t be that heavy, in fact pretty light. One thing I would like to add here is a tip for Xander: ‘Please hold or compare it with another object for us to find out how big is the RoboBlock’.  It is always good to know how big an object is to praise it further and decide on how useful it can be.

Above all, hats off to RoboBlock by Xander!

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