Millennium Falcon Burger Lego-ized

Far cooler than any Lego toys I’ve ever gotten in a Happy Meal. This awesome interpretation of the Millennium Falcon clearly comes  from A McDonald’s Far Far Away.

lego millennium falcon burger

Makes me wonder if the Millennium Falcon ever stopped at a drive thru.  Rumor has it, there’s a McDonald’s somewhere around Hoth. Something makes me think that Chewbacca would want chicken nuggets.

This Millennium Falcon “Corellian Cheeseburger” was created by artist Angus MacLane for the FBTB MOC Madness 2010 Building Tournament – and Angus definitely has my vote.  As you can see from the pictures, the burger-esque Millennium Falcon is absolutely inspired.

lego millennium falcon burger design

The level of creativity that went into this project is pretty impressive, and I think the golden arches should definitely look into hiring Angus for future Happy Meal prizes.  If nothing else, I would hope that there’s a job for Angus somewhere at Lucas Film.

lego star wars millennium falcon burger design

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lego star wars millennium falcon burger

Via:  SuperPunch