Sony Alpha Cameras With Translucent Mirror – Click Snaps and Shoot Videos Simultaneously

Sony brings to you the new Alpha 33 and the Alpha 55 digital SLR cameras in which the mirror inside does not have to be removed to take a photograph since it is translucent in nature, and as such, will allow the light from the lens to travel to the CMOS sensor.

Alpha digital SLR

At the same time, it redirects some light towards the camera’s auto focus sensors. Whether, it is shooting stills or HD videos, these new cameras provide simultaneous image capture, along with accurate and fast auto focus. The Alpha 33, SLT-A55V, comes with a high 16.2 megapixels, while the Alpha 55, SLT-A33, has 14.2 megapixels shooting capacity. The cameras enable very quick shooting of up to 10 fps with precision phase detection AF. It has a 7.5 cm free-angle LCD, an enhanced Quick AF Live View and also a Tru-Finder with 100% coverage.

Alpha digital SLR A33

This is the first-ever Sony Digital Camera to use Translucent Mirror Technology with a highly innovative optical system and brings before you a wide range of unique shooting possibilities. Unlike the conventional DSLR cameras, the new Translucent Mirror Technology employs a translucent and fixed mirror that bisects the optical pathway, right between the phase-detection auto focus sensor and the main image sensor. The Translucent Mirror Technology is meant to overcome the drawbacks of the DSLR cameras and at the same time, has also reduced the size of the camera and its complexity.

Alpha digital SLR Camera

With Sony’s Alpha 33 and the Alpha 55 Digital SLR cameras based on Translucent Mirror Technology, you can click spontaneous human reactions as well as travel scenes. Both the cameras have the advanced Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor, which allows the user to capture HD video footages. These are compatible with more than 30 A-mount interchangeable DSLR lenses. The TTL 15-point phase detection auto focus system with 3 crosses sensors will lead to highly clear images of even fast moving objects.

The Sony Alpha 33 will be in the market from September and will come for US$659, while a body and 18-55mm zoom lens kit will cost US$750. The Sony  Alpha 55, which will be available after a month, will cost US$750 and US$850 for the body and lens kit.

So, get set to purchase your own super camera and click away!

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Via: Gizmag